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How Alm. Brand Uses Provar With GitLab and Docker to Support a Complex Salesforce Solution

The Alm. Brand needed to leverage test automation capabilities to deliver a new release on a 14 day cycle and keep improving towards multiple times a day. Overall, Alm. Brand wanted a robust regression test suite that can give fast feedback, be easily maintained and executed automatically.

Alm. Brand worked with House of Test and Provar to simplify and accelerate the process of software innovation.

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Case Studies

Case study: Continuous Integration in the insurance industry

Manual testing was a burden for this company. With over 2000 test scenarios needing to be covered, testing was time-consuming and resource-heavy.

The company came to Cognizant and Provar to see whether an integrated test automation solution could fill the gap.


Image showing thumbnail for Provar case study. Label reads Case Study: streamlined testing for telecoms.

Case Study: streamlined testing for telecoms

With this company’s complex functional flows, manual Sales Cloud testing was a large overhead. Their 150 end-to-end test cases took 2 dedicated testers 2 weeks to complete each iteration.

They came to Provar to reduce their manual Sales Cloud testing effort and better support their agile developments.


Image showing thumbnail for Provar case study. Label reads Case Study: driving test efficiency in healthcare.

Case Study: Service Cloud testing in healthcare

The company found that manual Service Cloud testing after each new Salesforce release was a tedious task, consuming high cost and effort.

Overall, the company wanted to significantly reduce the cost and effort of their Service Cloud testing, as well as improve the reliability of defect catching.


Dreamforce 2018 Speaking Sessions

Breakout Session: Test Automation is for Admins Too

Test automation is an essential tool for streamlining regression testing for many companies, but for many Salesforce admins, it’s still a niche concept.

In this #AwesomeAdmin session we’ll learn how these tools are changing. Join us to find out how you can unblock deployments, increase transparency, and guarantee the continued quality of what has been built.

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Theater Session: Discover Test Automation with Provar

Successful Salesforce implementations don’t exist without robust and regular testing. But when manual testing becomes a blocker to delivering change and coded test automation isn’t scalable, what’s the solution?

In this session we’ll demonstrate a point-and-click test automation tool that’s easy to set up and simple to maintain.

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Blogs and Reviews

Nintex: Testing a Salesforce App With Provar

Nintex, owners of Drawloop, are leaders in Intelligent Process Automation.

“We have been using Provar’s automation software for a little over a year. In this time, we have been able to go from 0% to 95% UI test coverage.”

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Salesforce Ben: What is Test Automation in Salesforce and Why Does it Matter?

“The adoption of test automation in Salesforce is on the rise, especially at the enterprise level. To understand why, we need to understand what problems manual testing presents and how test automation can address them.”

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Salesforce 9 to 5: Review

“Provar is an automation testing system designed just for Salesforce.

It is built on top of Selenium and it is completely point-and-click for setting up the tests, which is a great feature for teams who do not have anyone with QA development skills or the time to write them.”

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More Case Studies

Image showing thumbnail for Provar case study. Label reads Case Study: reducing test effort for pharmaceuticals.

Case Study: Salesforce test automation for pharmaceuticals

Regression testing is a crucial part of every release. This consumes vast resources at this company due to the level of manual testing required each time: in just 2014, they completed a total of 54 releases.

They came to Provar to see whether an integrated Salesforce test automation tool could fill the gap.


Case Study: Tes Global: Empowering QA

Salesforce is a major business system for Tes. The team is on an ambitious delivery schedule, enhancing applications to keep up with new features and requests. But for a lean team, facing busy timelines, it was difficult for QA to keep up with demand.

That’s when Tes came to Provar.


Image showing thumbnail for Provar case study. Label reads Case Study: fast, reliable testing for Haymarket Media Group.

Case Study: Salesforce regression testing for Haymarket Media Group

Haymarket found Salesforce regression testing a time-consuming process.

Overall, Haymarket wanted to reduce the time and cost of their Salesforce regression testing and become faster to identify and address issues.


Datasheets and Whitepapers

Datasheet: Provar at a Glance

Provar is the only automated testing solution that’s specialized for Salesforce.

Our unique testing tool transforms the regression testing experience, cutting delivery risk, increasing agility and bringing better ROI than ever before.

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Image showing thumbnail for Provar whitepaper. Label reads White Paper: an independent comparison of Selenium and Provar.

Whitepaper: Automation Tested

How does Provar compare to Selenium? In this comparison study, Provar and Selenium are put to the test across all standard activities, including test authoring and debugging, execution, maintenance and integration capabilities.

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Banner for whitepaper: 'Provar ROI and Competitive Analysis'

Whitepaper: Provar ROI and Competitive Analysis

Before implementing automated testing, it’s important to choose the right tool. In this whitepaper we explore Provar’s key strengths and ROI compared to manual testing and other test automation solutions.

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