Project Description

Company Overview

The company is a global healthcare company with over 80,000 employees. They are a Salesforce customer and primarily use Service Cloud. They use a combination of standard and custom Salesforce elements, including page layouts, Visualforce pages and the Salesforce Service Cloud Console.They came to Provar to improve their Service Cloud testing process.

The Challenge

The company found that manual Service Cloud testing after each new Salesforce release was a tedious task, consuming high cost and effort. With 135 test cases, the time taken to run the entire Service Cloud testing regression pack was approximately 108 hours: almost 3 weeks for a single tester.

It was also a challenge to catch regression defects effectively under changing requirements. A high number of defects had to be found and fixed for each patch release during regression. The demands of finding and fixing defects were drawing focus away from enhancements.

Overall, the company wanted to significantly reduce the cost and effort of their Service Cloud testing. They also wanted to improve the reliability of defect catching through regression testing.

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The Solution

The company chose Provar in the hopes of bringing better ROI and efficiency to their Service Cloud testing.

Provar is an end-to-end test automation tool designed for Salesforce. Because Provar is tightly integrated with Salesforce, it provides a more efficient way to implement automation, intelligently locating Salesforce fields, objects and other key metadata. Minor changes to an environment become easier to accommodate, taking away the pain of maintenance and the difficulty of scaling.

Another strength of Provar is its ability to integrate easily with continuous integration systems such as Bamboo. This allowed the company to implement a true end-to-end Service Cloud testing solution bringing increased code coverage, automated deployments, autonomous build triggering and generation of a consolidated status report of test execution.

Aside from integrations, the company also adopted the simpler benefits of Provar, ranging from the easy creation of test cases through rapid automated creation of test data, test case execution, verification of test results through Provar’s inbuilt reporting capabilities, and easy maintenance for subsequent test case amendments.

Provar also gave the company total control over which test combinations should be triggered, be it one specific test, a group of tests or the entire test suite.

The Results


After implementing an automated Service Cloud testing solution with Provar, the company was able to significantly decrease their Service Cloud testing time and effort.

Using Provar, the company has seen a decrease in regression testing time from 108 hours down to just 6 – an overall reduction of 94%. This allows them to verify system functionality after each Salesforce patch and major releases in a far shorter time span.

With Provar, the company can also identify all regression issues for a new release candidate on the first day of testing. This provides early visibility into important defects. It also gives the development team time to resolve the key issues at the very beginning of the iteration.

With many other test tools, the first days of testing are spent re-working the test scripts to fix the broken locators. Provar automatically suggests robust field locators which are resistant to breakage, and this dramatically reduces the need for rework.

This time saved also frees up developers to focus on company change requests, allowing continuous improvement of the Salesforce platform, higher confidence in and quality of software being provided to end users, and a significantly better return on investment overall.


The company says,

Technical Solution

The company noted a number of specific areas that Provar excelled in.

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