Provar Webinar: Speed, Quality, Results: A Quickfire Introduction to Provar Test Automation 2017-05-12T11:35:09+00:00

Project Description

Provar Webinar: Speed, Quality, Results

A quickfire introduction to Provar test automation

Every Salesforce customer knows the importance of testing to assure quality. But in a platform that prides itself on continuous improvement, how can we be confident in the quality and depth of our testing? And how can we keep up with the speed of delivery while keeping our costs down?

In this Provar webinar recording, Product Manager Geraint Waters gives a simple overview of how test automation can be used to reduce regression testing effort. He shares examples of how real Salesforce customers have used Provar’s test automation to increase speed, reduce cost and minimize risk in testing, while building up a suite of code-free, intuitive and highly maintainable test cases.

Provar webinar first recorded 7/7/2016.

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