Version Control Introduction

For a large program with multiple testers, it is essential that a Version Control system is used to manage your test case development. This is also the recommended way to share your project with your team.

Since Provar is a file-based system, the files it creates are XML, Text or Java, as shown in table below.

File Description Type
Test Cases Contains the logic of your test XML
.project Contains details of your connections and Environments XML
.secrets Stores details of your password protected fields Text
Page Objects Details of your Page Locators for UI testing Java
Custom APIs Ability to create your own Logic/APIs in Provar Java

There are two ways to share your project:

  1. Export a project zip file to be imported into another workspace. (For more information on these topics, refer to Creating and Importing Projects and Exporting Projects.)
  2. Commit your changes to a Version Control system.

NOTE: This write-up details the usage of Github.  Please apply the same principles if you are using a different Version Control system.


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