Create GIT Repository

Follow the steps below to create a GIT Repository for your test project.

Note: this page assumes you have Git downloaded and installed on your machine. Please ensure this is completed prior to following these steps. 

Step 1: Launch Github Desktop and click on the ‘+’ icon.

Step 2: Choose the ‘Create’ option. Enter a ‘Name’ and ‘Local Path’ to create the local repository, then click ‘Create Repository’:

Step 3: Go to the local path specified above and replace the .gitignore file with this file. Make sure that you name the file as .gitignore, removing the *, after downloading it.

The following files should NOT be committed to the repository:

Data Description How to recreate
.metadata and */ProvarANT/* folder Contains Cached Org Information and Logfiles Provar will recreate this folder when it does not exist
bin folder Contains all compiled java classes Provar will re-compile all java classes contained in the src folder
*.pdf documents By default Provar test reports are added to the project directory, you may not want these added to Version Control Run the test case again

Step 4: Go back to Github Desktop and Click the ‘Publish’ button. You may need to provide a Username and Password.

Step 5: Provide a Description and select the repository. If you want to use a private repository, select the ‘Private Repository’ checkbox. Click ‘Publish’ at the bottom.

Step 6: Launch Provar and specify your workspace as the local path defined in Step 2. Create a new Project.

Step 7: Go to the Project in Github Desktop. Enter a comment and Commit to Master:

Step 8: Click on Sync:

With everything now on your Github repository, you can start working on your Provar Project. Remember to commit your changes on a nightly basis (Steps 7 and 8) to back up your changes.


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