Clone Project Repository

Follow the steps below to clone your Project Repository.

Step 1: Launch Github Desktop and click on the ‘+’ icon.

Step 2: Select ‘Clone’ and select the Repository to be cloned, then click ‘Clone’.

Step 3: Select a folder for the local GIT Repository and click ‘OK’.

Step 4: Navigate to the local GIT folder and verify that the project has been cloned. Make sure that you have updated the .gitignore file inside the local cloned Repository, if not replace it with this file.

Step 5: Launch Provar. As workspace, select your local GIT Repository folder.

Step 6: Import the cloned Project from your local GIT Project folder, then click ‘Finish’. Ensure that you do not check the ‘Copy project into Workspace’ checkbox:

Step 7: Resume working in Provar, adding/updating tests as required. Once you are ready to push the changes, go to Github Desktop and open the Project:

Step 8: Review the changes, enter a Summary and Description, then Click ‘Commit’.

Step 9: Click the ‘Sync’ button to push the changes to the Github online Repository:

The changes will now be pushed to Github, making your local Repository in sync with the online Github Repository. To push further changes, repeat Steps 7 to 9.


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