[Solution] Test Builder Not Working Correctly

Issue Overview

If you’ve recently installed Provar and are having trouble using the Test Builder (e.g. after right-clicking on objects, the ‘Add to test case’ option doesn’t display), it may be related to Chrome browser compatibility issues.

PRO TIP: You can quickly check to see if your Chrome driver is causing the issue by looking at the top right-hand corner of your Chrome browser. If you don’t see a small Provar icon (which indicates that you have the Provar extension working correctly), you can take the following steps to fix this issue.

This issue occurs more commonly in work environments with advanced network security restrictions. To fix this issue, you may need to manually download the most up-to-date version of the Provar extension. Here’s how!

The Solution

  1. Contact your system administrator to verify that the Provar Chrome extension has been white-listed. 
  2. Exit the Provar desktop application.
  3. Delete the Provar extension from all Chrome browsers on your local machine. You can do this by opening Chrome, click the “more” icon in the upper-right (three vertical dots), click More Tools, Extensions and then select Remove.
  4. Launch Provar as an administrator (this may require administrator approval or intervention) and open any test case in the Test Builder.
  5. Open a new tab in Chrome and add the latest Provar extension in the browser. You can download this from the Chrome web store by searching extensions published by Provar Testing. The Provar gear icon should appear now in the browser in the top right.
  6. Close this window, the Test Builder and Provar desktop.
  7. Launch Provar (not as the system administrator) and open this same workspace.
  8. Open any test case using Test Builder and you should see the Provar extension icon in the top right of the Chrome browser.