Extract Salesforce Layout

This API extracts all fields and the master Page Layout details of a target Salesforce object into an Excel sheet.

This API useful for when you want to test an entire Salesforce Page Layout. It is typically used in conjunction with the Assert Salesforce Layout API, which compares the extracted Page Layout from one Salesforce Org to a corresponding Page Layout in another Salesforce Org.

The API can also be used to test field permissions of the logged-in user of a given Salesforce connection.

Locate the Extract Salesforce Layout API in the API palette and click and drag it into your Test Case.

Update the parameters as follows:

  • Connection Name: Choose the Salesforce Connection from which the information needs to be extracted.
  • Object Name: Enter the specific object name whose fields and page layout needs to be extracted. Refer to the Org Browser for the exact name of the object
  • Result File: Default option chosen as Excel Workbook into which the information will be extracted
  • Workbook: Choose the destination Excel Workbook on your local machine.  By default, an Excel named ‘Workbook’ will be created in your Test Project Folder
  • Worksheet: Leave this info blank. A new sheet by the name of the Object will be added with the field information.  Additionally, a sheet named ‘Master’ will be added containing the page layout information for that object
  • Include Field Permissions: If checked, adds a list of access permissions to each and every field on that object for all profiles in that SF org

Then Save the Test Case.


The screenshot above shows the use of an Extract Salesforce Layout API to extract the Page Layout and field details of the Contact object from a connected Salesforce Org identified as ‘SFConnection’.

Page Layout Details:

Field Details:    


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