Import and Execute JAR Files

Since Provar is Java-based, Java programs can be invoked in a Test Case to execute certain functionalities. This is generally done by importing external JAR files into Provar and invoking the classes and functions inside them.

Step 1: Navigate to the ‘lib’ folder in the Navigator. (Create a new folder named ‘lib’ if this folder does not exist.)

Step 2: Copy the JAR files you wish to import under the ‘lib’ folder:

Step 3: Right-click on the Project name and select ‘Properties’:

Step 4: Select ‘Java Build Path’ and click the ‘Add JARs’ button:

Step 5: Select the JAR files copied under the ‘lib’ folder in Step 2 and click ‘OK’. The JAR files should now appear in the build path list.

Your JAR files are now imported and ready for use. Refer to Custom APIs for more information on how to invoke them in a Test Case.

NOTE: You can also invoke the Java code from these Jar files in PageObjectOperations for UI actions.