List Functions


Format – Count(List)
Use this function when you would like to count the number of items in a list.  This is useful in conjunction with checking the number of values returned when executing a SOQL or SQL test step.

{Count(AccountRows)} – If there are two accounts returned this function will return 2.
{Count(AccountRows) > 0} – This can be used in expressions and used in conjunction with With Row Test Step.  This expression will return true or false



Format – IsSorted(Values,’Name/ColNumber,Order,Type,Format’)
Use this function to tests whether supplied list of values is Sorted in Ascending or Descending order.

{IsSorted(Col.columns.dueDateTimeColumnMain.columnValues, “1 ASC DATE dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm aaa”)} – Results true if supplied list of values with mentioned dateformat is in Ascending order.
{IsSorted(Col.columns.caseNumber.columnValues, “1 DESC”)} – Results true if supplied list of values with default type and format is in Descending order.



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