Common Test Step Parameters

There are certain Test Step parameters which have a wide application and are common to most Provar Test Steps.

Result Scope

All values in Provar have a ‘scope’ which determines how long they live for.  This prevents long test runs from accumulating lots of values that are no longer needed, while allowing you to store important ones for the entire duration if you need to.

The following scope options are supported:

  • Test Run: Values are retained for the entire duration of your test run
  • Test Folder: Values are discarded when the folder they were created in finishes
  • Test Case: Values are discarded at the end of the Test Case they were created in
  • Group Step: Values are discarded at the end of the parent Group Step they belong to
  • Test Step: Values are discarded at the end of the Test Step that created them

Note that, with the exception of Environment Variables, the life or scope of a variable is valid for only a single test execution or run.


Tick the Case Insensitive checkbox to ignore the Case of the values being matched. Leave unticked if the Case should be respected.


Wait indicates that Provar will wait for this condition to be fulfilled after performing the current action and before executing the next step.

If ‘Auto Retry’ is chosen, Provar will proceed right after the current operation is finished and will manage the sync automatically. Additionally, it automatically retries the operation if for any reason the field does not appear.

For options other than ‘Auto Retry’, enter the timeout value in seconds. This defines a maximum amount of time that Provar should wait for the condition to be fulfilled before moving on to the next Test Step.

If the option ‘For a Pop to Appear’ is chosen, the name of the popup window must also be specified:

Screenshot Options

This section contains two options:

  • Screenshot Before: Take a screenshot prior to executing the Test Step
  • Screenshot After: Take a screenshot once the Test Step is executed

Each option has the following choices:

  • No Screenshot: No screenshot is required. This is the default value
  • Capture the Visible Area: A screenshot should be taken that consists of only the area currently visible around the active field
  • Capture the Entire Page: A screenshot should be taken that consists of the entire page when scrolled from top to bottom

These screenshots are displayed in the Test Runner after the Test Case is executed.


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