Adding Non-UI Test Steps


The fastest way of building UI Test Cases in Provar is with the Test Builder. However, for non-UI Test Steps, there are a range of other methods available by working with the Test Case in Provar Desktop.

The most common use cases are as follows:

Adding a Test API

APIs are available such as Control APIs, (For Each, If, or Wait For, etc.),  BDD APIs (Given, When, Then), APIs (such as APEX Bulk) and many more.

To create any kind of API Test Step, locate the API in the API Palette and click and drag it into the Test Case:

Refer to Test APIs for more information.

Adding API Test Steps

APIs are available to assist in the rapid creation and maintenance of test data. To add an API Test Step, click on a row of test data in the Org Browser and drag it into your Test Case:

Refer to API Testing for more information.

Invoking a Callable Test Case

Callable Test Cases allow you to reduce the repetition of similar Test Steps across different Test Cases. To invoke a Callable Test Case, locate the Callable Test Case in the Navigator and click and drag it into the Calling Test Case. Refer to Callable Tests for more information.


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