Test Cycles

A Test Cycle is a defined collection of Test Case executions that are reported on collectively. This feature is helpful for getting a clean report from a test suite execution wherein some Test Cases may fail in the first few attempts but will pass after minor tweaks.

A Test Cycle can be used:

  • To automatically pick up only failed Test Cases and execute them
  • To create a consolidated report against the latest version of a Test Cycle execution in which all Test Cases have passed

Follow the steps below to configure a Test Cycle.

Adding a new Test Cycle

Locate the Test Cycle tab in the Test Settings view. This tab allows Test Cycles to be added, edited, removed and reported on.

Select the + symbol to add a new Test Cycle.

Enter the Test Cycle Name and the Folder Name in which the reports and Test Case artefacts should be stored:

Selecting a Test Cycle during execution

In the Menubar, select the Test Cycle you would like to register your test executions against:

Once this is chosen, Provar will export the results of an execution in the Test Cycle Folder:

Note that it will preserve the folder structure of the tests.

Creating ANT Task for Test Cycle

From the Navigator view, right-click on any Test Case and select ‘Run under ANT’.

A dialog box will open with Test Cycle tab. Select the Test Cycle that you have created and times it should be rerun:

Click ‘Run’ to start execution through ANT.

Creating a PDF report

From the Test Cycle tab in Test Settings, select the PDF icon:

Choose the Test Cycle you would like to report against:


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