Running Tests

To run a test, use the icons on the Menubar:

You can also run tests via the Navigator by right-clicking on a Test Case or Test Folder:

Use the following links to learn more about the different modes available:



Run Mode

Use this mode for the official execution required for signing off a release. It can also be executed at the command line for Continuous Integration support.

Run Mode supports multiple browsers and execution will not be interfered with by any Chrome plug-ins or breakpoints. Run Mode does not capture variables, so it not recommended for debugging.

You can change the browser to run in by using the Web Browser dropdown on the Menubar.

Debug Mode

Debug Mode can be used for debugging issues with a specific browser. Breakpoints are enabled and variables are captured for debugging. As with Run Mode, individual Test Cases or full Test Folders can be run, and the Web Browser can be specified from the Menubar.

Test Builder

Use Test Builder mode for building and debugging UI Tests with the Test Builder. This Mode is only available with the Google Chrome browser.

This mode should not be used for final execution sign-off, but is useful for:

Run a test case in Test Builder by clicking the Test Builder () button.  Test Builder will execute all test steps and wait after executing the last step. At this point you can add more steps to your test.

Refer to Adding Test Steps and Debugging Tests for more information on this mode.

Run Under ANT

This mode allows you to run your Test Cases under ANT from within Provar. It is also useful for creating your Build.xml file to run your tests under ANT on a different machine, to save creating the Build.xml file manually.


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