Mapping Non-Salesforce Fields

This page describes what to do if you are mapping a field on a Visualforce page which is not a Salesforce Apex field, or if you want to map a field on a non-Salesforce platform (e.g. a form on a website, such as a Web-to-Lead form).

In these scenarios, Provar does not provide a standard Salesforce field locator or a Visualforce locator. Instead, the field is mapped using a locator such as Label, Name, or XPath, and the information stored in a Page Object.

When mapping a field of this type, you may see the following or similar in the Test Builder:

If Provar did not identify the field correctly but you are expecting the field to be recognized, you can click on the ‘Field’ dropdown to check for the field.

If this is not successful, you should use a Page Object and add a locator for the field. Click on the ‘Salesforce Layout’ dropdown and choose ‘Page Object’. Select an existing page or create a new one.

Then add a Field name and specify the Field Locator. By Label is efficient way of locating a field if available. To use By Label, just ensure that the Label entered is a match for the label that you see on your page.

Locating with an ID or an Xpath is another alternative. Refer to Creating an XPath for more information on this option.

The screenshot below shows locating using an ID:

Then set the Interaction Type and click ‘Add & Do’. This will create a Page Object and a Test Step in the usual way: