Environment Management

By default, Provar uses a single test environment to build and run tests. This is defined in the Connection.

However it is possible to run the same Provar tests on multiple related environments. This is especially useful when multiple sandboxes are in use. For example, a Test Case created in a Dev sandbox could also be run against a Full sandbox and then again on Production after deployment.

Note: A specific test environment can also be defined when running Provar via ANT. This is done by referencing the test environment in the Runner Task of the Build.xml file. Refer to Provar Runner Task for more information.

To add a new test environment:

Step 1: Navigate to Test Settings and select the Environments tab. Click the ‘+’ button to create a new Test Environment:

Step 2: Supply an Environment Name and Description:

Step 3: Click OK.

Step 4: In Test Settings, select the Connections tab. Click the ‘+’ button to create a new Connection:

Step 5: Provide the user details for the new test environment, then click the ‘+’ button in the Overrides section:

Step 6: Select the environment created in Step 2 and provide the user details for the new test environment:

Note that, if user details are not provided for the test environment, the default Connection detailed will be used when this test environment is selected.

Step 7: To run tests in the new test environment, select this environment in the Test Environment dropdown in the Menubar in the top-right corner of Provar Desktop.


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