Creating Test Cases


A Test Case represents a single use case and contains one or many Test Steps.  When you execute a Test Case, it will execute all Test steps sequentially. Test Cases are stored with the file extension .testcase in the Test Project’s tests folder.

Creating a new Test Case

To create a new Test Case, start by selecting ‘New Test Case’ from the menu bar or File in the top left hand corner of Provar Desktop.

Provar will present a wizard to help create the new Test Case.

Choose which Salesforce connection you would like to use and select the Salesforce Application (this is the tab in the top right hand corner of a Salesforce screen, e.g. Sales, Call Center, Console, etc.). You can leave this as default if you are unsure.

If you want to start adding Test Steps with the Test Builder, leave ticked ‘Launch Test Builder’.

Then click the ‘Finish’ button.

If you ticked ‘Launch Test Builder’, this will now open the Test Builder, which will log into Salesforce using the Connection and Salesforce Application you have selected. For more information on how to use the Test Builder, please refer to Adding Test Steps.

Error Handling

In each Test Case you can specify what Provar should do in the event of an error. In the ‘Skip on Error’ dropdown, you can select one of three options:

  • Skip: This will stop the test Case on failure and skip to the next Test Case to be executed
  • Continue: This will continue to the next Test Step. This is useful if you would like to view all the errors
  • Inherit: This will have the Test Case inherit its behavior from the Calling Test (applies to Callable Tests only).


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