Managing Parameters

Choose the Add Parameter icon .  You have the option to add a parameter for an existing test step or define your own:

Add Test Case Input Parameters

From an Existing Test Parameter

From the existing test steps navigate to the field you would like to parameterize.  This will determine the Name, Title, Default value and Editor type from the field you have chosen.  This is based on the information Provar has for the field you have chosen.  All of these fields can be overridden.  Once you select Ok to add the parameter, the name variable will be added to the test case in place of the value.

Define Your Own

If you do not want to link the variable to an existing test step, you can define the values manually and choose an editor from the drop down list.  You can then manually add the Name variable to the fields in your test using variable drop down (ctrl spacebar) in the callable test.

Add Test Case Output Paramaters

Variables created within the Callable test case are not automatically visible to the calling test and vice versa.  If you would like to pass a variable back to a calling test you can either create a Global variable (not recommended) or Test case output parameter.  Choose the Add new Test Case Output Parameter and choose which field you would like to return.  All fields are then defaulted, but can be overridden if required.

Edit Test Case Parameters

 Once you have added a parameter you can edit them and vary the order using the configure icon.