Provar With Continuous Integration

Introduction to Continuous Integration

Once your regression tests are stable, you may wish to automate their execution through Continuous Integration (CI).

To do this, you will need:

  • Version Control System in which to store your automated tests (e.g. Github)
  • A Build Tool to compile and run the automated tests on the server (e.g. ANT)
  • A CI Server which downloads the regression pack from the repository, triggers the Provar automation pack and sends an email to stakeholders containing an execution summary (e.g. Jenkins, Bamboo)

The CI Server will trigger the Provar automation pack either periodically or based on an external trigger, usually a new build or deployment.


These help pages assume some existing knowledge of Git, ANT and Jenkins.

Your machine should also have installed:

The Environment variable ‘Path’ must be set for all of the above. Below is an example for ANT:

Guidelines to use Github Repository for Provar projects

Refer to our Version Control pages to set up GIT for your test project. Your project with the Github setup can be on a different machine from your Jenkins server. The local Github repository should point to the project’s parent location.

Ensure that you are not checking in .metadata folder on Github. If ‘.metadata’ and ‘Project’ are in the same folder, ensure that you create a .gitignore file for ‘.metadata’:

Refer to Create GIT Repository for more information.


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