License Activation

This page describes the process for activating a Provar license.

If you do not yet have Provar installed on your machine, please refer to the Installing Provar page.

Activating your License

When you open Provar for the first time, the Welcome Window will appear with the License Manager on top of it.

If the License Manager does not appear, go to Help > License Manager to open it.

From the License Manager, click the ‘Add’ button.

Select the License Type appropriate for your License Key: Trial, Fixed Seat or Floating. (For more information on the different types, please refer to the License Types page.)

Then enter your License Key in the box provided. For Fixed Seat or Floating licenses, the key will be 25 characters. For Trial licenses the key will be significantly longer and will extend beyond the box provided.

Once you have entered these details, click the ‘Test’ button.

If your validation is unsuccessful, check that you have entered the details correctly and try again. If the problem persists, contact your designated Provar support rep or email the team at

If your test is successful, click the ‘OK’ button.

To activate your license, click the ‘Activate’ button. The status of your license should go to ‘Activated’ and the bulb next to the License Name should light up ().

Click the ‘OK’ button to proceed.