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New Help Pages

Help Page Date Notes
Quickstart Extension (BETA) 5th October 2017 A beginners’ guide to using Provar, downloadable in PDF. Extension to the original Quickstart Guide.
Defining Proxy Settings 14th September 2017 Describes how to define proxy settings globally instead of per connection (available from Provar version
DevOps pages 30th August 2017 6 new pages detailing end-to-end DevOps setup: Introduction to Test Scheduling, Apache ANT, Java JDK and Environment Variables, Generating a Build File, Version Control and DevOps, Setting up Continuous Integration, Running Provar on Linux.
Administrator has blocked access to client 25th August 2017 Describes how to troubleshoot an error message which may be received when using the ‘Test Connection’ button.
Salesforce CPQ Testing 21st July 2017 Describes Provar’s support for Salesforce CPQ, including locators, tabs and drawer fields.
List and Table Testing 14th July 2017 Updated page. Describes testing with standard elements such as list views and related lists, including row location with ROW NUMBER and WHERE.
OrchestraCMS Testing 14th June 2017 Describes Provar’s OrchestraCMS testing capabilities, including tab and frame handling, locating fields and API testing
Running Provar on Linux 1st June 2017 Describes how to set up Provar to run on Linux and how to troubleshoot common issues with setup
Git Integration 26th May 2017 Describes how to integrate Git with Provar to import projects from Git and push work to Git once completed (version 1.8.11 onwards)
Jira Integration 26th May 2017 Describes how to integrate Jira with Provar to monitor, add and update Jira issues from within Provar (version 1.8.11 onwards)
HP ALM Integration 24th May 2017 Added PDF guide of setup process (version 1.8.10 onwards)
ANT 24th May 2017 Added PDF guide of setup process
Maintaining Page Objects 11th May 2017 Describes how to locate and view Page Objects, as well as locator types, field wait conditions and Page Object debugging
Adding a Connection 10th May 2017 Describes how to add new Salesforce Connections, including standard, Portal and Community Connections
Environment Management 28th April 2017 Describes how to run Provar tests across multiple environments