Installing Provar

This page describes the process for installing Provar.

Before beginning the installation, first check that your machine satisfies the System Requirements for running Provar effectively.


Then check that you have the following elements ready.

  • Login details to your chosen Salesforce environment, including a username, password and security token. The login user must have system administrator permissions with ‘Modify All Data’ and ‘API Enabled’ ticked on their profile. This is needed so that Provar can access the environment’s metadata
  • A Provar license key
  • A Provar installer program: Provar is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems – just make sure that you have the appropriate installer for your machine. You can always access the latest Provar installer files from Downloads (login required)

If you do not have a Provar license key or the installer program, get in touch with your designated Provar support rep or contact the team at

Installing Provar

Complete the following steps to install Provar.

Run the Provar installer you have previously downloaded. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation, then launch Provar.

Selecting a Workspace

A workspace folder is where all your Test Project data will be saved on your computer.

Select your preferred location for the Workspace.

It is recommended to leave unticked the checkbox ‘Use this as the default and do not ask again’. This will allow you to switch your workspace in future so that you can have more than one Test Project.

Click ‘OK’ to continue.

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