Creating a Provar Repository

Follow the steps below to create a Repository for your Provar Project. These steps give instructions using Git Desktop, but the same steps could be recreated using Git.

Note: this page assumes you have Git or Git Desktop already installed on your machine. Please ensure this is completed prior to following these steps. If you are new to Git, refer to Salesforce’s Git and Github Basics Trailhead module for help with installing Git and performing common activities.

Step 1: Launch Github Desktop and click on the ‘+’ icon.

Step 2: Choose the ‘Create’ option. Enter a ‘Name’ and ‘Local Path’ to create the local repository, then click ‘Create Repository’:

Step 3: Go to the local path specified above and replace the .gitignore file with this file. Make sure that you name the file as .gitignore, removing the *, after downloading it.

The following files should NOT be committed to the repository:

Data Description How to recreate
.metadata and */ProvarANT/* folder Contains Cached Org Information and Logfiles Provar will recreate this folder when it does not exist
bin folder Contains all compiled java classes Provar will re-compile all java classes contained in the src folder
*.pdf documents By default Provar test reports are added to the project directory, you may not want these added to Version Control Run the test case again

Step 4: Go back to Github Desktop and Click the ‘Publish’ button. You may need to provide a Username and Password.

Step 5: Provide a Description and select the repository. If you want to use a private repository, select the ‘Private Repository’ checkbox. Click ‘Publish’ at the bottom.

Step 6: Launch Provar and specify your workspace as the local path defined in Step 2. Create a new Project.

Step 7: Go to the Project in Github Desktop. Enter a comment and Commit to Master:

Step 8: Click on Sync:

With everything now on your Github repository, you can start working on your Provar Project. Remember to commit your changes on a nightly basis (Steps 7 and 8) to back up your changes.