Automation Planning

Prior to implementing test automation it is useful to consider the following points.

Creating an Automation Plan

  • What is the initial set of tests to automate? (See Automated Test Candidates below)
  • What are the testing milestones for subsequent phases?
  • Are there any training requirements for new joiners?
  • Are there any new technologies which require proof of concepts or enhancements?

Test Environments

Decide what test environments should be used: Possible considerations are:

  • Which browsers and versions are in scope?
  • Which Orgs and other systems are available?
  • Are the test environments stable for automation?

Automated Test Candidates

Decide which tests should be automated. Possible candidates are:

  • Repetitive tests that run for multiple builds
  • Tests that tend to cause human error
  • Tests that require multiple data sets
  • Frequently used functionality that introduces high-risk conditions
  • Tests that are impossible or difficult to perform manually
  • Tests that run on several different hardware or software platforms and configurations
  • Tests that take a lot of effort and time when manual testing