Standard Salesforce Table

For Standard Salesforce Table & Columns mapping, simply right click on a Table fields for mapping and choose Add to Test.


Provar will automatically map the Page name, Field Name & Row Locator values.
Chose the row locater which ever suitable and click on Add button.

In the Test script pane, Script will generate automatically “with rows” steps and Row Locater Parameter value will generated what we have selected while mapping table object.

Multiple conditions can be verified using operators, for example
{ = “Val1” AND = “Val2”}
{ = “Val1” OR = “Val2”}

Value Passing as a variable.

Add a variable at the beginning of the script to select an Account Name.

Use the Account Name in the Where Clause

Debug Row provides more information in the test script log which will help in Debugging.

Navigate Through Table Pages

If you are trying to map a table to perform an action on a row which is not on the first page and you have to navigate to later page, then you can use the ‘Auto Paginate’ feature on the ‘With Row’ API as shown below:

  1. Navigate to the related list of the object from toolbar.
  2. Right Click and map the field value in the related list that you want to assert.
  3. Choose the field/column with the unique value, in the Where section in the Toolbar.
  4. Choose Read/Assert, enter expected value and Choose Add.
  5. Go to Provar Editor and select UI With Row step
  6. Check ‘Auto Paginate’ option.
  7. This will automatically expand the list until it finds the matching row.


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