Document Testing

There may be scenarios in which you need to download a PDF document and edit/assert text which it contains.  This can be easily done in Provar using the ‘Download’ interaction for links, which downloads the link’s destination in a value and parses/asserts it.

Download and Assert

Specify the following parameters:

  • Result Name: Stores the content of the downloaded document
  • Result Scope: Selects the scope of the result
  • Result Format: Indicates how Provar should the content

There are three ways in which the content of the document/PDF can be processed or tested:


The content will be parsed by Provar, allowing the value to be updated by using Replace API.  The text content of word/PDF documents is made available for assertion also.

In above figure, entire content of the document will be stored in OldContents->contentText

Use MatchAPI to assert text


The content is parsed similar to above but stored as a simple text value. The value cannot be updated and re-uploaded.  Text content available for only assertion.


The content will just be available as raw data.  The value cannot be updated and re-uploaded.