Database Testing Setup

Adding a Database Connection (Oracle, MySQL, PostGreSQL or SQL Server)

From the Test Settings view, choose new connection and enter Connection NameDescriptionConnection Type (select ‘Database’) and specify whether the database is Oracle, MySQL, PostGreSQL or SQL Server.

Based on the database choice, you will be asked to also complete Host or Host Name, Database (Name), Port Number,  Service or SID and Username and Password.

Then click ‘Test Connection’ to check the connection:

Finally, click ‘OK’ to and verify that the Connection has been added to the Connections tab of the Test Settings view:

Database Browser View

Once you have created your Database connection, you can initiate testing from the Database Browser in the following ways:

  • Drag Database data rows into the Query window to generate SQL and execute.
  • Drag Data or tables into the Test Case to generate Test Steps


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