ServiceMax Testing


Provar is compatible with ServiceMax and is an official partner of ServiceMax.

If you’re not yet a Provar customer, check out our ServiceMax front page for more on our ServiceMax features and benefits.

Enabling S-Controls

Service Max implementation includes S-Controls. It also has a unique UI that allocates numbers to the Ids and names for its fields on a page. These numbers can vary frequently which creates a challenge for UI testing tools. Provar has implemented a unique solution that readily identifies and maps ServiceMax UI elements on the page using a custom locator. This makes automation simple, maintainable and more reliable for ServiceMax applications.

Provar uses a Salesforce Connection to download the metadata for your SFDC Org including ServiceMax S-Controls and components.  To download the details of the S-Controls you need to enable them in your connection.


ServiceMax API Testing

All the ServiceMax objects are available in the Provar Org Browser. This provides visibility of the data and also allows the tester to clone data. This approach can create test data quickly and is ideal for creating seed data for a deterministic test case.


ServiceMax UI Testing

Provar Test Builder maps the various ServiceMax UI components by ‘By ServiceMax Label’ locator as shown below:

ServiceMax Flows
Provar will recognize that the Service Flow buttons are an embedded page on the Salesforce layout. This will automatically perform switching between HTML frames.

ServiceMax Forms
Provar has in-built knowledge of how to locate fields and buttons on a Form. The ‘By ServiceMax Label’ option will locate the Lookup button based on its onscreen label. This avoids creating and maintaining complex Xpath locators.

ServiceMax Lookup
Provar has in-built mappings for the ServiceMax Lookup screen. This includes clicking on the correct row from the results. This supports complex WHERE clauses. When selecting a record from the search results, always select the ‘Hover before Clicking’ option.

ServiceMax Date Time fields
Entering the Date, hour and minutes for a ServiceMax field requires significant effort to map all the different fields. Provar has in-built knowledge of this field type which locates each control based upon its label and allows the tester to set the field using hardcoded dates, the ‘Now’ option or using functions for back or forward dated testing.


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