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With a wide range of Salesforce testing features and no code required, Provar is the only test automation for Salesforce you’ll ever need

“Provar is a first-class solution for Salesforce UI testing.”

Greg Wester, Senior Product Manager at Salesforce

Salesforce testing

Test building

Provar instantly recognizes Salesforce elements like page layouts, list views and related lists, making it faster to build tests.

Field locators

Generate robust field locators automatically and reuse them across different test environments. They’re designed to be resistant to minor cosmetic changes.

Salesforce roadmap

Provar is designed for Salesforce and aligned to the roadmap. You’ll stay way ahead of new releases and features.

Code-free test building

Point-and-click test creation

Provar’s Test Builder lets you create tests from within Salesforce, making it accessible to developers and business users alike.

Iterative building

Build and rework tests simultaneously in the Test Builder using breakpoints and forwards or backwards stepping.

Readable tests

Provar tests suites can be read and understood by the entire test team and its stakeholders.

Lightning Testing

Test Lightning just like Classic

Build your tests in Lightning or Classic and the elements will be recognized automatically.

Reuse Classic tests

Adapt your existing test suite to run in Lightning, instead of discarding and starting again.

React to functional changes

Use logical conditions to accommodate behavior which differs between Lightning and Classic. This way the same test case can be reused across UIs, with the relevant UI detected at runtime.

Service Cloud Console testing

Handle tab behavior

Control navigation between menus and multiple tabs without excess complexity. Provar automatically handles the frame switching between tabs.

Stable test start

Auto-close existing tabs at the start of each test to ensure the same state each time a test is run.

Advanced features

Test customizable elements such as Quick Actions, the Side Panel and Custom Components.

Reporting and Scheduling

Generate to PDF / HTML

Generate reports to PDF or HTML with embedded screenshots and links to test data.

Generate ANT Task

Use ANT Tasks to generate a minisite with click-through access to test results.

Nightly test scheduling

Integrate to Continuous Integration systems to schedule nightly regression runs with an email report every morning.

“Provar uses metadata to identify fields in the Salesforce application, so it’s the best tool for Salesforce. Easy to automate and maintain.”

Sara Jaffar, Application QA Engineer at TES Global

API testing


Drag-and-drop API test steps into any test to create and assert test data. Provar offers Create, Read (including SOQL), Update and Delete.

Combine UI and API steps

Use UI and API test steps together in the same test case.

Visualforce testing

Field locators

Provar suggests sensible field locators automatically. On Visualforce, field locators are anchored to APEX page definitions to make them more robust.

Embedded pages

Provar manages the frame-switching automatically when Visualforce page sections are within other pages.

Low maintenance

Provar’s Visualforce testing uses a PageObjects concept, making tests resistant to breakage from superficial changes.

End to End testing

Database testing

Provar can integrate to MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.

Web Services

Supports SOAP and REST Web Services.

Email testing

Track sent and received emails using Send, Subscribe and Wait-For APIs, and parse email content including signatures and attachments. Supports Gmail and Microsoft Exchange.

All this and more


Read and write data via Excel and database connections


Reuse tests across all your environments

Partner Compatible

Use with ServiceMax, Vlocity, Salesforce CPQ and many others


Create custom elements to handle unique use cases

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