What Provar’s new ServiceMax partnership means for customers

Image shows a Mac screen with 'Servicemax + Provar'. Illustrates Provar's use in Servicemax testing.

Earlier this year, Provar partnered with ServiceMax to share test automation with a new audience. Today this partnership becomes official. (Check out our press release here!)

Provar is proud to be the first ever test automation company to integrate with ServiceMax. Provar has a range of features specialized towards ServiceMax testing challenges, and we keep a close eye on the ServiceMax roadmap to make sure our ServiceMax testing capability remains strong.

Agni Anada, Director of Innovation and Enablement at ServiceMax, says:

“It’s never been more important to have a strong test strategy in Agile development. With Provar, companies are able to decrease the risk and cost of manual testing while improving the transparency and quality of their deployments.”

Provar has also greatly expanded its ServiceMax expertise through partnership with Forefront, another official ServiceMax partner.

Image showing the Forefront logo as one of Provars partners.

Brian McCray, Development Director at Forefront, says:

“We’ve enjoyed our collaboration with Provar for past two years and have built test script templates for our ServiceMax clients across industries. Provar is a key part of our Maestro suite, our App Lifecycle Management tool for the Salesforce ecosystem.”

Visit our ServiceMax page for more information on Provar’s ServiceMax testing capabilities.

You can also check out Provar’s ServiceMax Marketplace listing here.