New to Provar: life as a Junior Tester

“What’s it like working at Provar?”

Aaditya Dhar is a Junior Tester who joined Provar this year. Read on to hear Aaditya’s thoughts on his first few months at Provar.

For most people, having a job is a way of making money, just a way of having a sense of security about what the future holds.

It also makes one feel independent. Personally, it made me feel sort of like an adult! It taught me how to be responsible and to handle my finances. I had to learn how to take public transportation, how to interact with my coworkers, work with different types of people, and also learn punctuality.

In a way, it was almost like I have learned real life skills in only 3 months. It will always be a big part of me maturing and becoming a young adult.

When I landed a job in the consulting team at Provar, a Salesforce test automation company, my first thought was that I’d be working in a cubicle entering data in a computer. I’d be mostly running the defined cases on different builds, barely talking to my coworkers.

But boy was I wrong. To my pleasant surprise, none of my predictions came true. Provar was a modern, fast-paced company. They are one of the few organizations with an integrated automation testing tools for Salesforce​, delivering the benefits of automation while avoiding certain disadvantages of other tools. They help numerous companies become more successful.

What’s more, they had a very different philosophy as a company, having a particularly good sense of work-life balance with various means to relax and relieve stress. I have to say they did a fantastic job.

My first day on the job was January 30th. I remember walking in very nervously and taking a seat. I glanced around and saw very happy expressions on my coworker’s faces. My supervisor welcomed me warmly and even gave out snacks. They clearly explained what they expected and walked me through the steps. I remember leaving that day with a smile on a face, happy that I’d landed my dream job.

Overall my first week was very informative. My supervisors helped me become familiar with Salesforce and Provar’s Salesforce test automation tool itself. I played with it, did tutorials and completed assignments until I knew the tool like the back of my hand.

Finally, after a couple of weeks I was ready to start on my first project, supporting a new customer in their setup and implementation of Provar’s test automation. It has been an enjoyable experience and I’m loving every step of it.

All in all, working at Provar has taught me many beneficial things. To always have an open mind and be willing to work in any type of environment. To be willing to adapt to a new workplace. To always be respectful and kind, not only to supervisors, but to coworkers as well.

What I have learned in my short time at Provar has been an invaluable part of my personal growth. I’m looking forward to taking what I’ve learned and applying it.

I really don’t know where I would be if I didn’t take this job opportunity because without it, I would have never learned what I have.

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