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Salesforce Connection Issues


Salesforce Connection Issues Cannot Login from Current Domain When creating a Connection, should you get the error message 'Cannot Login from current domain' you need to whitelist your [...]

Salesforce Connection Issues2017-05-12T11:34:43+00:00

UI Connect


UI Connect Invokes a ‘Non-Salesforce’ Connection into your test case for UI testing.  This test step must be added before using any UI Test APIs for Non-Salesforce UI testing.  For [...]

UI Connect2017-05-12T11:34:43+00:00

Page Object Operations


Page Object Operations A Provar Page Object Operation or PO Operation is a custom function defined to execute a Selenium Java code on a Page Object in Provar. [...]

Page Object Operations2019-03-06T16:16:59+00:00

Maintaining Page Objects


Maintaining Page Objects This page provides more detailed information about using and maintaining Page Objects in Provar. Refer to Introduction to Visualforce Testing for an introduction to Page Objects. Use [...]

Maintaining Page Objects2019-03-06T17:31:18+00:00

Visualforce Table


Visualforce Table For Visualforce Page Table & Columns mapping, simply right click on a Table fields for mapping and choose Add to Test. It will create a New [...]

Visualforce Table2017-05-12T11:34:43+00:00

Generic HTML Table


Generic HTML Table For HTML Table & Columns mapping, right click on a Table field for mapping and choose Add to Test. It will create a New Page [...]

Generic HTML Table2017-05-12T11:34:44+00:00

List and Table Testing


List and Table Testing Introduction Provar handles lists and tables in much the same way. For all standard Salesforce elements, such as list views and related lists, Provar [...]

List and Table Testing2019-05-17T18:06:45+00:00

API Testing


API Testing Provar provides various APIs to assist in the rapid creation and maintenance of test data. To add an API Test Step, click on a row of test data [...]

API Testing2018-02-20T16:04:06+00:00

Adding a Connection


Adding a Connection A Salesforce Connection is what connects Provar to the Salesforce environment in which Test Cases are to be created and run. A Salesforce Connection generally consists of a Salesforce Username, Password [...]

Adding a Connection2018-11-22T14:51:47+00:00

Importing and Executing JAR Files


Import and Execute JAR Files Since Provar is Java-based, Java programs can be invoked in a Test Case to execute certain functionalities. This is generally done by importing external JAR [...]

Importing and Executing JAR Files2017-05-12T11:34:44+00:00