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Internationalization Support


Internationalization SupportProvar now supports internationalization testing of Salesforce, i.e. the end-user testing of Salesforce in languages other than English.Internationalization testing is the process of verifying the application under test to [...]

Internationalization Support2019-05-02T11:05:02+01:00

Skuid Testing


Skuid Testing Introduction to Skuid Testing Provar now supports Skuid testing. Skuid is an AppExchange solution which provides a set of tools to quickly create Salesforce pages with a custom user [...]

Skuid Testing2018-08-01T14:31:02+01:00

ServiceMax FSA Mobile Testing


ServiceMax FSA Mobile Testing Introduction ServiceMax’s Field Service Application is a mobile application for engineers in the field. It allows them to access ServiceMax while on the go, [...]

ServiceMax FSA Mobile Testing2018-12-13T10:45:07+01:00

ServiceMax Testing


ServiceMax TestingIntroductionServiceMax is a complete field service software solution built on the Force.com platform. It includes features such as Installed Base Management, Scheduling & Dispatch, Service Requests & Work Orders [...]

ServiceMax Testing2019-03-29T14:43:28+01:00

Namespace Org Testing


Namespace Org Testing Provar supports the testing of namespace and managed package orgs. In these orgs, Provar will automatically append the package name to the field when adding [...]

Namespace Org Testing2018-06-29T15:48:23+01:00

Mobile Testing with Appium


Mobile Testing with Appium This page provides step-by-step instructions for setting up Appium to enable iOS mobile device testing through Provar. This page contains the following sections: Requirements [...]

Mobile Testing with Appium2019-04-23T15:43:12+01:00

Salesforce Test Integration Package


Salesforce Test Integration Package Contents Overview Choosing a Salesforce Org Installing the Package Package Contents Adding a Reporting Connection Enabling Logging in Provar And Finally... Overview This page explains how to [...]

Salesforce Test Integration Package2019-03-01T13:14:35+01:00

Known Issues


Known Issues The following is a list of some of Provar's known issues. The list includes only issues we think are important or would potentially impact many customers. If you are [...]

Known Issues2018-05-09T13:53:44+01:00