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Defining Proxy Settings


Defining Proxy Settings Introduction As of Provar version, Provar will attempt to detect proxy settings automatically and globally instead of from a Connection. Please note that, after taking version, proxy information [...]

Release Notes


Release Notes Version 1.8.11 Contents These are Release Notes for Provar Version 1.8.11. Each version includes general bug fixes as well as product [...]

Creating a Provar Repository


Creating a Provar Repository Follow the steps below to create a Repository for your Provar Project. These steps give instructions using Git Desktop, but the same steps could [...]

Working with Git


Working with Git Introduction Below are some best practices for using Git with Provar. The following workflow is recommended: This page contains the steps to complete each [...]

Introduction to Git Integration


Introduction to Git Integration Introduction From Version 1.8.11 onwards, Provar has a Git plugin which gives testers the ability to perform Git activities from within Provar. This page provides more [...]

Git and Provar Projects


Git and Provar Projects Getting Started Once the Git plugin is installed, you will need a Provar Project to work on. This can be done in various ways: By importing [...]

Version Control and DevOps


Version Control and DevOps Introduction to Version Control Version Control is an important part of any DevOps strategy. A Version Control System will allow team members to work [...]

Run Under ANT Options


Run Under ANT Options Introduction This page describes the various parameters available when using Run Under ANT. Refer to Generating a Build File for step-by-step instructions on generating [...]

Setting Up Continuous Integration


Setting Up Continuous Integration Contents Introduction Installing Jenkins Jenkins Setup Scheduling a Run Configuring Test Reports Introduction Once the Build File is ready and Version Control has been [...]