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Salesforce Mobile (Salesforce1)


Salesforce Mobile (Salesforce1) Provar now supports the testing of Salesforce Mobile (aka Salesforce1) via the browser on real devices, not via the app. Execution of mobile test cases [...]

Salesforce Mobile (Salesforce1)2019-04-23T16:13:56+01:00

Label Locator Strategies


Label Locator Strategies In Provar version 1.9.7 and later, there is a new feature which lets the user define their own label strategy to identify web elements. This [...]

Label Locator Strategies2019-02-25T16:37:34+01:00

Mobile Emulation


Mobile Emulation (Salesforce Mobile) As of Provar 1.9, Provar supports mobile emulation for testing on the Salesforce Mobile app (aka Salesforce1). Support has been added for iPad testing [...]

Mobile Emulation2019-04-23T15:28:15+01:00

Granting Org Permissions to Provar


Granting Org Permissions to Provar The purpose of this article is to explain what permissions you need to grant for Provar to access your Salesforce org(s), why you need [...]

Granting Org Permissions to Provar2018-12-06T10:53:05+01:00

ANT Licensing


ANT Licensing As of Provar version 1.9.4, Provar supports the use of a relative license path for ANT as well as an absolute path. This aids in running [...]

ANT Licensing2019-03-01T15:23:16+01:00